Cheap with verbs buy, get, hire, sell; cheaply in other cases

Clean – прямо, напрямую (e.g. The bullet went clean through his shoulder); cleanly – чисто

Clear=aside (e.g. Stand clear of the door); clearly – ясно, четко

Dear with verbs buy, sell; dearly in other cases

Easy in phrases take it easy, go easy about it; easily in other cases

fair in phrases play fair and fight fair; fairly in other cases

free – бесплатно; freely – свободно

hard – тяжело, усердно; hardly – едва

high – высоко; highly=very much

just=exactly; justly – справедливо, законно

late – поздно; lately – недавно

mostly – в основном

near – близко; nearly – почти

pretty=rather; prettily=beautifully

quick (informal)=quickly (formal)

sharp – резко (sing sharp – петь слишком высоко, turn sharp – резко повернуть)

sharply in other cases

short in phrases stop short and cut short; shortly=soon

slow goes after verbs and slowly before verbs

sound  in phrase sound asleep; soundly in other cases

sure=certainly; surely (not) – expression of surprise

tight (informal)=tightly (formal)

wide – широко; widely suggests distance or separation (figural meaning)

wrong (informal)=wrongly (formal)


After verbs blow/lie/stand/sit/shine we find both adjectives and adverbs (e.g. They lay silent(ly) on the grass)

After verbs feel/smell/taste adjectives are used instead of adverbs (e.g. He felt happy)


Гордон, Крылова. Present-day English grammar

Collinse reference book


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