This set of English grammar tests was made with the help of TESTER computer program. Its aim is to help Belorussian-speaking students check their knowledge of English grammar. The product is created specially for Belorussian speakers because very little has been done to help them study English grammar. Most products of that kind are made for Russian speaking students.

The tests are easy to interact. When you choose any wrong option the program gives the correct variant in a special window immediately. But no rules are explained, no exercises are provided. The sole aim of the tests is to check how well you understand English grammar rules.

The name MOONSHINE comes from the colloquial name of home-made whiskey in America. It was chosen as a bit of humour and as something informal: the tests were not required by any educational institutions of Belarus since educational authorities are happy with products of that kind made for Russian-speaking majority, still there exist people that think and speak in Belorussian and are willing to check and master their English. They are warmly encouraged to try MOONSHINE.

From the other hand, Russian speakers of Belarus can also benefit from the product. Most of its content is in English and things written in Belorussian can be understood since everybody in Belarus has to face some of the Belorussian language in everyday life.

For reference information concerning the rules themselves the following books are recommended:

R. Murphy. English Grammar in Use.

L.Alexander. Longman English Grammar Practice. Self-Study Edition.

E. Gordon, I. Krylova. A Grammar of Present-day English Practical Course.

Created by Andrei Berastouski, English teacher based on written grammar tasks of himself and Dzmitry Krasouski, MA, English teacher as well as those of Volga Dzmitryava, English teacher.

Propositions, reports on mistakes and so on can be sent to Andrei Berastouski in Belorussian, Russian, English, French and Polish. The contact e-mails are: and

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